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Issue 23 - Autumn 2015: Lughnasadh & Mabon


As the Wheel turns . . .

cover23 240x338Each year, as the wheel turns towards the down side of the sun-cycle and even as August days are still with us, bringing the benediction of warmth and soft light, we look to the year that has passed.

It would be easy to despair, counting the blood-spattered headlines, with madmen slaughtering innocent people in the name of one faceless god or another. Beaches strewn with bodies, people doing their work at Charlie Hebdo having their lives cut short in the most pointless fashion, beheadings, hostage taking, the list of misery seems unending.

One of the things that attracts many people to Craft practice is that it is just that – a practice rather than a religion. There are many manifestations of the god and goddess forms but moving further into the mysteries reveals that the divine in immanent.

We thankfully have no vengeful deity to serve, no cause which prompts us to roast other people alive and no real enemy except the one within, and in time, it is to be hoped, not even that enemy.

But there have been other headlines this year. This country became the first to vote inclusion and equality into law by the democratic decision of the people. People of the same sex in loving relationships now have what they should always have been afforded – the same legal rights for their relationships as heterosexual couples have. And it wasn’t passed with a whimper. It was passed with a resoundimg “yes”. Irish people didn’t just vote as they were told – they made it their business to go to the ballot boxes in a massive turnout, with voters travelling from the other side of the world to exercise their franchise. It’s a proud feeling to be able to say that in a world where hate fuels massacres, Ireland voted for love.

Have a fruitfull, a blessed and a loving Autumn.



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