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Issue 24 - Winter 2015: Samhain & Yule


As the darkest time of the year approaches . . .

cover24 240x338AS THE darkest time of year approaches, we, as Pagans greet the season with joy and embrace it. The long, dark nights of fires and deep, warming bowls of comfort food. The joy of snuggling down in a warm bed.
Time to read and reflect. The warming delight of a sanguine glass of red. Candlelight and a respite from gardens and growing, planting and mowing, time to turn to family, lovers and friends for tales and company.
Sometimes, Samhain and Midwinter feel like we are at war with nature, with the elements. But for those of us lucky enough to have a roof over our heads, and the means to warm and feed ourselves, this can be a sensuous, velvet darkness, experienced in the moment. Rather than being at war, we are in co-operation. There is something primatve about the load of logs which are stacked under protection since summer, waiting for their time to crackle and bring comfort.
Our ancestors – and many self-sufficient people or small holding pioneers – would have their animals slaughtered and in the process of smoking or otherwise preserving by now. The bounty of the harvest, stocked in pots of jams and pickles is a joy in itself. An act of faith that we will be here again to greet the waking earth at Imbolg. Those of us who live in cities and have no direct access to such bounty make out preparations in our own ways.
A source of heat bought in for winter, the slow cooker taken out of hibernation, soft wooly clothes hung ready to brave the elements. Also acts of faith. Which is why we have no fear of telling you that this will be the last edition of Brigid’s Fire in this format. The magazine has been a labour of love for the many dedicated people involved and it has made demands on time, finances and skills. We have decided to rest for the winter and re-group when the land is warmed and our spirits refreshed.
The magazine has been going for eight years now, thanks to the generosity of some very talented people. We will be back, in a different format. We take our cue from the Lord and Lady who constantly recreate themselves.
We want to say ‘thank you’ to all who have supported us, by contributing, buying Brigids Fire, stocking the magazine, advertising or making the coffee.
Watch this space.



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