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Issue 22 - Summer 2015: Bealtaine & Midsummer


The Hope of Summer

cover22 240x338The nature of any publication is that the material printed in it is written before the paper, book or magazine is distributed.
Brigid’s Fire is no exception and as I write this editorial, the wind is howling, the sky is grey and rain is falling as it often does in the west of Ireland – sideways and in bucket loads.
But the cycle of the wheel, that change which is constant, gives us the hope that is summer.
The joy of sunlight and long days, walks by the sea, picnics in meadows humming with bees.
Children squealing in laughter as they chase each other, shoeless, across warm suburban lawns. Lovers tumbled in the winking, shifting sunlight of the woods.
The smell of cooking meat, the sting of cold beer, the cooling, sweet balm of an ice-cream cone. But it’s just weeks since we marvelled at the softness of a snowfall.
Delighted, as the flames of a hearthfire painted pictures on the walls of a darkened room. Swallowed great spoonfulls of meats cooked long and slow in thick, warming stews.
There’s a social media joke, which goes by the stinger of “you know you’re Irish when..” And the first line is, “when you say sixty seconds after the winter solstice ‘there’s a great stretch in the evenings”.
And it’s true. We’re good at appreciating the kindnesses which winter brings as it’s gift. But as a nation, we’re not so good at living in the moment once we get a sniff of summer.
As you read this latest edition of Brigid’s Fire, may we all learn to live and love the moment which is gifted to us – however cold or hot that may be.
Bright blessings for the season and every season to come.



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